The 10 Vitamins for Stress Relief

Dec 29th, 2011

One of the best stress relief tips is taking vitamins for natural stress relief. You need all the extra nutrients to help your body and mind have enough energy to combat stress. Taking vitamins is still the best natural resource for stress management.


Vitamins for Stress Relief: An Overview

Whenever your body is in stress response mode, your body produces cortisol, the stress hormone. In order to synthesize cortisol, it will need vitamins. The important vitamins that you need are the anti-oxidant vitamins and the B-complex vitamins to break the stress cycle. If there is no enough supply of vitamins in your body, it will lead to fatigue, anxiety and frustration. Below is a list of vitamins for stress relief that will serve as your remedy for stress.


The List of Vitamins for Stress Relief

Vitamins for Stress Relief

1) One of the natural remedies for stress is taking the B-complex vitamins especially B1, B2, B6 and B12. These are crucial in stress relief management. Their major role is to keep your nervous system functioning well. If you lack the B-vitamins, you are a candidate to have nerve problems. You are also prone to have stress-related signs such as anxiety, depression and irritability. The B-vitamins work hand in hand inside your body. Remember, your nervous system is the one responsible for your stress response or the “fight or flight” response. The food items that are rich in B-complex are as follows:


A. Thiamin – Ham, pork, dark green leafy vegetables, baked goods, enriched rice, wheat germ, nuts, lentils, fortified whole grain cereals and green peas.

B. Riboflavin – Milk and milk products such as cheese and yogurt. Chicken, eggs, fish, fortified cereals, dark leafy green vegetables, spinach and asparagus.

C. Niacin – Turkey, chicken, salmon, fish, legumes, pasta, peanuts, fortified cereals and whole wheat.

D. Folate – Green leafy vegetables such as turnip greens and spinach. Breads, rice and fruits.

E. Vitamin B6 – Seafood, poultry, green leafy vegetables, fortified cereals and potatoes.

F. Vitamin B12 – cereals, soy products, clams, shellfish, crab, fish and beef.

G. Biotin and Pantothenic Acid – Egg yolks, liver, pork, salmon, avocado, grain foods, yogurt and cheese.


2) B-complex vitamins are best taken with vitamin C, which helps make your body free from radical damage. Vitamin C food products help boost your immune system especially when you are stressed. Vitamin C is also crucial in backing up your adrenal glands. Here are the food items that are rich in vitamin C: green and red-hot chili peppers, bell peppers, guavas, thyme, parsley, dark leafy vegetables (garden cress, mustard greens and kale), Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, papayas, kiwi fruits, tangerines, oranges, clementines and strawberries.


3) A food product rich in vitamin E is another natural herbal remedy for stress relief. Here are some food items that you have to consume: sunflower seeds, red chili powder, and paprika. almonds, pine nuts, peanuts, basil, oregano, dried apricots, cooked spinach, cooked taro root and pickled green olives.


Help yourself to reduce your stress. Taking food products rich in vitamins B, A and E will help you stop the cycle of increasing your stress levels. What are you waiting for? Consume food products rich in vitamins for stress relief.

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8 Responses to “The 10 Vitamins for Stress Relief”

  1. Another valuable post that helped enhance my knowledge about relieving stress. I will bear all these things in mind. Thank you so much for teaching me something new again.
    Candice Michelle recently posted..Fab DefenseMy Profile

  2. Now this is exactly what I need right now. I’m always stressed about something, and I never know what to do about it. I know it can’t be a good thing, so maybe it’s time I try something like these stress vitamins. Thanks for the information!

  3. Hello Edyta, good to hear what vitamins are good for stress relief. Maybe that’s why I don’t get stressed much, because I take all those vitamins. Do you know much about taking “Siberian Ginseng” to reduce stress levels and improving energy, Edyta?
    Julieanne van Zyl recently posted..Attraction Marketing what is the key to using it?My Profile

    • Edyta says:

      Hi Julieanne,

      Siberian ginseng may be beneficial to anyone who undergoes intense periods of stress. It should be taken for 3 months, followed by 3 or 4 weeks off.

  4. I have a little question. I know B-complex vitamins are best to take with vitamin C but the problem which i am facing is that i am able to gather the right foods which are having the right quantity of desired vitamins. Can you help me to find the best food?

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