Stressed and Depressed: Do You Recognize the Important Early Warning Signs of a Complete Breakdown?

Mar 5th, 2012

Stressed and depressed? That’s nothing uncommon. Depression has always been a problem in a certain section of the population. One of the reasons for this is a serious dedication to materialism.

The effects of too stressful a lifestyle leave people stressed and depressed

Stressed and DepressedPeople are so much interested in chasing a particular lifestyle or in believing that they cannot live without a certain selection of goods that they don’t realize that they are sacrificing their lives to their lifestyle. One person believes that he or she needs as good a car as the neighbor owns, while another needs the latest in electronic equipment.

Whatever it is, these people don’t realize  that they pay a terrible price in terms of stress for what are essentially luxuries, and that by adopting a simpler, less materialistic lifestyle, they could simultaneously remove a great deal of stress and depression from their lives. Is there any real difference between stress and depression? Not when one can lead to the other so easily.

Outside sources of stress and depression

Why do you put up with that dictatorial boss?  Or with your company casually laying off people and making you do their jobs as well as your own? You do it, because you have bills to pay. Have you ever visualized a world where you had perhaps one tenth of the bills and expenses you have to meet at the moment? Well, such a world exists, and you can share in it by simply reducing your dependency upon material goods.

Why buy an expensive organic food when you know very well that the food grown in the local farmers’ market was grown pretty organically anyway, and which costs one tenth of the price of an ‘organic food’? Why buy that expensive pack of fruit juice in the mall when you can just buy some fresh fruits and eat them at home? Not only do the fresh  fruits contain far more vitamins, but you also choose them yourself, and they are aesthetically pleasing to eat as well. Nothing is more romantic than sharing a basket of fresh fruit with your beloved.

Return to Nature

What I am trying to say is that the true joys of life cost almost nothing, and it would be foolish to work one’s fingers to the bone in pursuit of a far more expensive materialistic lifestyle that inevitably leads to signs of stress and depression, or leaves you addicted to some stress relieving drug or medication, or to cigarettes, or alcohol. Because the simple fact is that none of these things will relieve stress, and neither will deep breathing or meditation, or anything else. These are only bandages on an open wound.

Removing the cause

To really remove stress and depression from your life you have to remove the cause of stress and depression itself. Of course, a person has to work for a living, but if you tone down your dependence upon material goods, you could reduce your cost of living by up to seventy percent, and that would allow you to do a less stressful job, for example, that may pay less, but which would not subject you to any stress at all. Remove the cause of your stresses, and you will hardly even need help with stress and depression.

Live longer

And did you know that people who are relaxed and not subjected to stress live longer? So say a firm no to being stressed and depressed now, because stress can steal years from your life.

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7 Responses to “Stressed and Depressed: Do You Recognize the Important Early Warning Signs of a Complete Breakdown?”

  1. Learning the skills required for successful coping with stress can bring significant benefits to your health and peace of mind.
    Candice Michelle recently posted..קבלהMy Profile

  2. John Gaydon says:

    Hi Edyta,

    Unfortunately, I already do just about everything you recommend here. The good news is that my life isn’t all that stressful!

    I love a challenge. What gets me stressed is when there seems no way forward. I have learned that when one door closes, another opens. It always happens, like the time we were out of money and we won a $6,000 cruise, or the time there was a free day riding the trains. I went on a 200 mile journey with no money in the bank or my pocket and arrived back to an $8,700 tax refund cheque.

    It may seem hard for some to grasp this, but my experience is that as long as you are breathing, you have something to be grateful for, and no real reason to stress! Everything we believe is constructed!
    John Gaydon recently posted..Cuba – Does Fidel Castro Tell The Truth?My Profile

  3. Julie says:

    Instead of medication, I use meditation for stress relief purposes. :) I have always thought that you should follow the inner-voice, and do things the way we are being told by ourselves. The rest is going to be solved eventually, and we’ll skip stress.
    Julie recently crownsMy Profile

  4. Very well said! It’s all about being contented with what we have and just stretch whatever resources we have. Aside from saving few bucks, we relieve ourselves of the fact that we need to keep up with the world almost everyday. Let go of stress and feel important and healthy. :)
    Paula Phillips recently posted..Feel Good Friday: Eco Art, Sustainable arts and crafts for your homeMy Profile

  5. before I leave this page I want to thank you for this wonderful blog
    great job keep going..
    thank you

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