Stress Management for Life: A Few Killer Tips

Jan 26th, 2012

Stress has always been part of life: be it in school, at work, or even at home – which is why stress management for life is needed.  There are always stressors around and if people do not know how to deal with them, then they would not function properly.  There are a lot of stress relief activities that people could do so that they would be able to handle the different stressors that come their way.  Stress relief is fast once people know the secrets to keeping a life that has minimal stress.


Tips for Stress Management

Stress Management For LifeMany people would like to find out ways on how they would achieve stress relief whenever they feel stressed out.  There are quite a lot of stress management activities that people could adapt for faster stress relief.  Here are some killer tips to help with stress management for life.


  • Eat healthy

There have been studies that show how some vitamins and nutrients actually help people to handle stress better. Eating food that are rich in B-complex vitamins have been said to help dealing with stress.  Vitamin E-rich food is also great for stress relief.  Maintaining one’s health will do a lot to improve one’s mood and will also help to lessen any burdens that are related to sickness and other negative energies.

  • Drink tea

Tea is said to be very helpful for stress management for life. Teas made out of lemon balm, passionflower, chamomile, and lavender have been said to help put people at ease. Stress relieving tea is also the best thing to drink when people do not want to take medications to ease their stress.

  • Praying

Many people may think that this is a ridiculous tip, but it is true that people do suffer from spiritual stress at times.  Spirituality and stress are said to be linked, which is why prayer offers an outlet for many people.  People who are spiritually drained tend to feel really depressed and praying could help alleviate that depression.  There are many prayers for stress relief that people could say and these would also help them achieve a closer bond with God.

  • Meditate using the Bible

The Bible is considered as the holy book of the Christians and many people attest that the book provides them stress relief.  For people who need help dealing with stress, especially spiritual stress, reading and biblical meditation will surely help.  All it takes is a quiet room and a Bible.  A person only has to read the passages in the Bible and try to ponder on them.  It helps to keep an open mind and heart to new things.



Stress Management for Life: Conclusion

People who are always stressed tend to become weak and sickly.  It is important to learn different techniques that will help with stress management for life.  There may be a lot of stressors around, but if people know how to handle them, be it spiritual stress or physical, they will be able to achieve stress relief right away.  Saying a short prayer for stress and other problems could be very helpful already.

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14 Responses to “Stress Management for Life: A Few Killer Tips”

  1. Francis says:

    Stress is horrible! I sometimes ignore the pressure from stress and school, which is not very effective. I’ll just watch funny videos on the internet, afterword, feeling calm. I get bored easy, so I just visit Edyta I also enjoy your other stress relief posts. – Francis

  2. Stress is one cogent reason why I procrastinate from work, which leads me to work unproductively. It is a good thing that I have found your site as it helps me overcome stress successfully. As of now, I planning to go through biblical meditation and I am planning to do it in a church. I think doing it in this peaceful place will make it more effective to overcome stress.
    Candice Michelle recently posted..שיווק סלולריMy Profile

  3. Rick Salas says:

    Thanks for all the great information on stress management. The links your provide had so much great info and I must say, was an enjoyable read. I do use all of the as much as I can, especially prayer and drinking Tea. I need to work on the eating healthy part though.

    I’m so busy all the time that I overlook this part but I’m going to try to get better at it. I especially liked the link to the information on stress relieving tea. I’ll be coming back to this post to digg a little deeper. Thanks!

    Rick Salas
    Rick Salas recently posted..How To Choose Your Article Titles Fast to Master Article WritingMy Profile

  4. Kostas says:

    Hi Edyta,
    Stress is one of the worst emotions that people feel and has effects not only in your mind but in your health too. Most busy people even if they don’t show it feel stressed during most times of the day. Thanks for sharing these tips they are really helpful for all of us…
    Kostas recently posted..Don’t Make These SEO MistakesMy Profile

  5. Your always welcome Edyta. Thanks also for helping us. I appreciate your effort for doing this.
    Candice Michelle recently posted..Baby EagleMy Profile

  6. Anna says:

    Edyta, you gave marvelous points about stress and how to deal with it. As being MOM of 3 kids, and keeping my eyes always on them you can imagine how much Adrenalin I spend daily…
    Anna recently veneers costMy Profile

  7. Hi Edyta,
    Your stress management tips are great! I am new to your website and I am glad to meet you. We should connect on facebook as well. I was watching Dr.Oz the other day and the program was all about food we can eat to help with stress and anxiety. They mention Kefir milk, oranges and asparagus. I tend to agree about eating healthy and meditating as ways to manage stress. Great article! ~ Nathalie
    Nathalie Villeneuve recently posted..People Come Into Your Life For a ReasonMy Profile

  8. Yena says:

    You advice was indeed a great one but I just have something to say on your conclusion, it doesn’t matter no matter how stress you are on your life and daily dwellings if you’ll not take it personally then it won’t be making an issue on your life at all. I can say that I’m one of those people who were being stressed as much as anyone, I’m handling my life not so well and raising my own children with no one beside me even a friend nor a family member. Lots of bills to pay and even don’t have baby stuff yet for my baby yet I still manages to smile and be beautiful as far as I could.
    Yena recently posted..stress causes hair lossMy Profile

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