Does Panic Away Work? An Honest and Unbiased Panic Away Review

Feb 13th, 2012

Does Panic Away work? To answer that question you need to know what Panic Away is. If you, or someone close to you has suffered from panic attacks and you’re searching for answers, then I just want to say that I understand exactly how you feel.

A parent of mine has suffered from such attacks for more than a decade, and when I tried to find some answers myself on the net, I met with a lot of conflicting reports and advice. I recently found this excellent product called Panic Away that has helped a lot people to reduce stress and anxiety, and I thought I’d put an honest and uncensored Panic Away review out here to help other people for whom anxiety is a problem too.

If you’d like a lot more detailed information about Joe Barry’s Panic Away, then just click here to go straight to his website.


Does Panic Away work? An Introduction:

Does Panic Away WorkIf you’ve never used an anti-panic product before, you might have understandable doubts about whether it can work. Allow me to set those doubts at rest, because Joe Barry’s Panic Away certainly does work. Let me tell you a little about the product and how it works so you can understand how realistic and practical this panic cure really is.

As often happens, it turns out that Joe Barry McDonagh was himself a sufferer from attacks of panic and anxiety, and this for years. It was while coping with his own attacks that he discovered this cure for panic and anxiety and wrote the Panic Away book that now forms the basis of the Panic Away program.


The advantages of Panic Away Program:

The ultimate advantage of using Panic Away by Joe Barry is that it is a comprehensive program designed by a former sufferer from panic attacks  that does away with panic attacks completely. Because Joe Barry intimately understands what a sufferer experiences, he has been able to comprehensively address the problem and find complete solutions.

The Panic Away ebook is based upon Trust in its initial stages, using this trust to minimize the effects of a panic attack. From trust a sufferer moves on to acceptance, using this acceptance of the feelings on experiences during a panic attack to reduce the effects of the attack. Finally comes stage three of the program, which deals with permanent and long term solutions to the problem.

But does Panic away work for everyone? And the answer to that is that (as you can see from the testimonials on the website) Panic Away does work for a broad spectrum of people, and delivers long lasting results besides.


Does the program deliver results?

From personal experience I suppose I have to say that it does. The results that the program delivers are astonishing to say the least.

If there are any disadvantages to the program it would be in the area of focus. Barry has so much of an insight into a sufferer’s problems that he actually seems to be able to tap into the way you think in the course of the program, which can be a bit unsettling. However, I believe it is because of this detailed insight of his that the program is so successful.

So if one were to ask me the all important question ‘Does Panic Away work?” my answer would be a resounding yes. To conclude, I can only say that my experience of Barry’s methods has been very positive indeed, and I highly recommend this program to anyone who has a severe panic-attack or anxiety problem.

Click here to read more about the Panic Away book on its official website.

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13 Responses to “Does Panic Away Work? An Honest and Unbiased Panic Away Review”

  1. First of all, I would like to thank you for giving an honest review about Panic Away. As consumers, we really need to know the truth about the effectiveness of a certain product. It is a good thing that there is someone like you who are helping us to know about the capability of Panic Away. Since you’re positive about it, it is reasonable to say that it is worth it to try.
    Candice Michelle recently posted..סולידריותMy Profile

  2. John Gaydon says:

    Hi Edyta,

    This is a great review. I am sure it will help many people who suffer from panic attacks.

    Fortunately, I am not one of these. I do find relaxing the breath is a simple but effective way of calming yourself, although I know panic attacks can be much more serious.
    John Gaydon recently posted..Gratitude Taken To A Whole New LevelMy Profile

  3. Julie says:

    This one seems to be a really nice alternative for the medicines, I think I’ll forward this post to my mother-in-law who is suffering from panic since decades. Thanks for the idea!
    Julie recently posted..cosmetic dentistry londonMy Profile

  4. I know people who have had extremely disabling experiences with Panic Disorder.

    You seem to be convinced that Panic Away is a good program to follow. I don’t know anything about the program, but I’ve seen far too many people do nothing about it, or try self-remedies.

    It seems like anything is worth the effort as opposed to just “biting the bullet” on Panic, and accepting it as an irreversible condition.

    Thanks for bringing this issue, and the Panic Away program to light here, Edyta.
    David Merrill recently posted..YouTube Video Strategy | Leverage High Ranking VideoMy Profile

  5. Hello Edyta, it sounds like a very good product. I don’t anyone personally who has panic attacks, otherwise I would recommend it to them.

    It must be awful to have feelings of not being able to do certain things, and I suppose a lot of people find it easier to avoid whatever they’re afraid of.

    Thanks for the review Edyta. Regards from Julieanne
    Julieanne van Zyl recently posted..Are Lose Win Situations Worthwhile in the Long run?My Profile

  6. Justin Mazza says:

    Hi Edyta,
    The best teachers are the ones that have actual experience. I watched the Panic Away videos and belief that they do work. Like most products we have to actually do the work and make the changes in our self.
    Justin Mazza recently posted..Do Spiritual People Get Angry and Show Other Negative EmotionsMy Profile

  7. This post really applies to me. I had a Panic disorder and let me tell you, one cannot understand it if one didn’t go through it. Panic attacks are serious business. If left unattended, it can lead to agoraphobia! I’ve seen many ignore this and have gotten worse.

    I did lots of therapy and have it under control now, but this product looks great to me. ANYTHING is good for panic. This seems like it will help lots of people who chose to work on that issue.

    Thanks for introducing this, Donna
    Donna Merrill recently posted..The 30 Day ExpertMy Profile

  8. I’m curious to find out what blog system you have been using? I’m having some small
    security problems with my latest site and I’d like to find something more safe. Do you have any recommendations?
    How To Cure Depersonalization recently posted..How To Cure DepersonalizationMy Profile

  9. Greg says:

    How is this an unbiased review when one can clearly see Panic Away as a sponsor on this page? All’s I see is an extremely vague “yes it works!” without any sort of critical explanation.

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