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Prayer For Anxiety and How To Make it Work

Prayer For Anxiety

Is there a prayer for anxiety? Can prayer help with an anxiety attack? Well, generally speaking, a prayer can only help with an anxiety attack if the person making the prayer really believes that the prayer will be answered. The human mind is a strange and wonderful thing, and its power is not to be ...

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May 21st, 2012

Helpful Bible Verses for Stress

Bible verses for Stress

There are various Bible verses for stress that you may use especially when faced with difficult situations. It is also advisable for you to refer to these verses especially during those times that you feel like giving up on your problems and other difficulties in life. To know what these verses are and what they ...


Feb 2nd, 2012

How To Find the Best Prayers for Depression

Prayers For Depression

Prayers for depression were not exactly a popular idea used in the past. Today’s world is far different from the past where in things went a little more laid back and stress was but a minute issue. As for today, we have our lives filled with so much worldly activities that we neglect to even ...


Jan 19th, 2012

How to Find Peace Within Yourself: 4 Ways to Finding Inner Peace

Ho To Find Peace Within Yourself

How to find peace within yourself could be quite difficult if people are not open to the idea at all.  Many people have found it funny or ridiculous when doctors try to tell them to find peace within themselves.  But then, looking at the different religions of the world, many actually preach how to find ...


Jan 12th, 2012

Biblical Meditation: What Everybody Ought to Know

Biblical Meditation

Biblical meditation is the act of seeking God by meditating on the Bible’s scriptures. When you meditate, the tendency is to imbibe the thoughts of God until they become your own thoughts. When you think the way God thinks, you manifest this in your actions until you no longer have flawed beliefs and doings. Christian ...


Dec 27th, 2011

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