Biblical Meditation: What Everybody Ought to Know

Dec 27th, 2011

Biblical meditation is the act of seeking God by meditating on the Bible’s scriptures. When you meditate, the tendency is to imbibe the thoughts of God until they become your own thoughts. When you think the way God thinks, you manifest this in your actions until you no longer have flawed beliefs and doings. Christian meditation puts you in the right path therefore your problems become smaller thus providing you stress relief.


The Power of Biblical Meditation

Biblical MeditationYou are probably doing many good acts and resisting sin. While this is correct, you cannot do it on your own as you need the divine scripture for proper guidance. Through biblical meditation, you will be able to do things as God’s strength will be transmitted in you. When you have God’s strength, you will be able to do things in His Glory.


How Can it Help?

Flawed beliefs and actions lead to mental problems, disappointment, and conflict. Man was designed to commit mistakes but he is also given the power to know, decide and perform what is right and wrong. When he does bible meditation, he will find the truth and from there, he will know how to unload his burden, see the better side of his plight, find ways to solve his problems, and relieve his stress.


Steps in Biblical Meditation

It is easy to perform biblical meditation. If you want to know how to meditate properly, here are the steps you must follow:


  • Find a comfortable and relaxing area such as your bedroom. You can also go to a secluded place where nature surrounds you such as waterfalls or a stream with trees. The place must make you calm and relaxed.


  • Once in this place, sit down properly, preferably in a Seiza position. Kneel down and sit on your knees with your upper body straight. Behind you, cross you feet a bit until your big toes are across each other.


  • Place your hands on your thighs, shut your eyes and inhale deeply through your nose. For seven seconds, hold your breath and then breathe out through your mouth. For every breath you take, you will feel relaxed and your mind will clear. Do this for 5 to 10 minutes daily.


  • Let your thoughts wander on the Scriptures you have read. Understand them with your heart and mind. Because your mind has cleared after meditating, you will be able to absorb God’s teachings properly.


These are the steps to meditating which will help your heart and mind become calm, refreshed and stress-free.

If you want to give glory to God in your life and invite others to do what you are doing for Him, it is best to take His Word into your life and make it your Guide. With the Scriptures in your heart and mind, you will then show what is in God’s own Heart and Mind. When this happens, you will absorb the Christian way of life and live it naturally and without difficulty. That is the power of biblical meditation.

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4 Responses to “Biblical Meditation: What Everybody Ought to Know”

  1. I am planning to do this, but I’m still trying to figure out where. I was thinking that I could do it in a place where I can find zen and peace so I will be able to focus effectively and do it correctly. There’s no stream or waterfalls near us, only a forest and mountain.
    Candice Michelle recently posted..יוגה תרפיהMy Profile

  2. I tried it at the beach front of where I stayed on my vacation and I could honestly say that it helped me a lot. Now I felt much better emotionally and mentally. Thank you so much.
    Candice Michelle recently posted..שיווק סלולריMy Profile

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