Best Stress Relievers: Give Me Five Minutes and I’ll Give You the Ultimate Solution to Stress

Feb 23rd, 2012

Best stress relievers: If stress is a  serious problem for you, then you can rest assured that there are tried and tested techniques that can help you and provide the best stress relief.

These techniques have been used for decades and their effectiveness and value have been well tested.

If stress is a serious problem in your life, all you have to do is implement some of these techniques and you’ll be feeling better before you know it.


These are some of the best stress relievers:

Best Stress Relievers

Breathing techniques

Breathing techniques are some of the most relaxing and ancient of methods of stress relief. As a matter of fact, some of these techniques have been used in China, Japan and India to considerable effect for thousands of years, and they can work for you too.

But you mustn’t think that just because these techniques are so ancient they will necessarily be difficult to do. Not at all. Some of them are so easy you can learn them is a few minutes of instruction – but they are still very effective nevertheless.

You can do some calming breathing exercises before an important meeting, or even whenever you find yourself to be more stressed than usual – do these exercises and you’ll find that your stress levels reduce drastically in the minute or two that it takes for you to do the breathing exercise.



Meditation is another wonderful way to relax your mind and reduce your stress levels.  The difference between the calming effects of meditation and breathing is just a matter of timing – while deep breathing is usually done while you’re experiencing the stress, meditation is usually done three times a day.

You do your meditations once in the early morning, and then again at noon and once more before going to bed. You’d be surprised at how much your mind calms with meditation  alone – and if you add some deep breathing exercises to that, you’ll find yourself in control of your stress in no time at all.



Filling the mind with pleasant images (perhaps set to natural sounds) is a nice way to calm the mind. There is nothing like ‘going back to nature’ at least mentally to ensure that the mind and body are in harmony. And it’s not very difficult to do – you’ll find, if you try it, that visualizations and mental imagery are much easier to do than many meditations.



Did you know it was possible to hypnotize yourself – it’s not only easy, but fun to do as well, and you would be well advised to try it. There are all sorts of courses available in hypnosis online for those who are interested in this most powerful of natural stress relievers.


These are some of the best best stress relievers around. With these in your repertoire, you’ll be stress-busting in no time at all.

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6 Responses to “Best Stress Relievers: Give Me Five Minutes and I’ll Give You the Ultimate Solution to Stress”

  1. Julie says:

    Nice and useful article, and I totally agree with you, meditation is one of the most effective techniques against stress. Hypnosis could be good, too, although I’ve never tried it before.
    Julie recently posted..dentistsMy Profile

  2. All that is mentioned here are different solutions to avoid stress. But I just want to add something for stress relief. Having daily exercise is also one of the most ultimate solutions to stress.
    Candice Michelle recently posted..שליחת SMSMy Profile

    • Edyta says:

      Hi Michelle,

      I agree with you. Daily exercise is something everyone should do to reduce stress.

      • Well exactly edyta, but this information will surely gives us more ideas other than exercise but actually Exercise can decrease stress hormones like cortisol, and increase endorphins, your bodies feel good chemicals, giving your mood a natural boost.
        Candice Michelle recently posted..SMSMy Profile

  3. Edyta, I’m curious: are you able to get meditation in three times a day. If so, how long do you spend each time? I’m thinking of trying it out just 5 minutes once a day to begin with, them ramping up to two times a day 5 minutes each, then 3 times per day, 5 minutes each. At that point, I’ll increase each meditation time to 6 minutes: and so on…
    Steve-Personal Success Factors recently posted..How To Live Like a MillionaireMy Profile

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