The Secret of Anti Stress Activities: 4 Strategies To Follow

Oct 14th, 2011

In addition to the typical anti stress activities of setting aside time to relax and living a healthy lifestyle, there are other more ways a person can combat the inevitable stresses in life. However, the number of anti stress activities that still exist could be a bit baffling. To make things less complicated, here are the other 4 major strategies that folks can follow to start managing their stress.


1. Anti stress activities to avoid unwarranted stress

Anti Stress Activities

  • Discover the art of saying “no” – People have limits and they ought to express this to others. For instance, if a superior demands his employee of something the employee believes he cannot handle, the subordinate should inform his boss.
  • Stay away from stressful individuals – There are people who simply bring about stress to other people. Steering clear of these folks is one of the anti stress activities that could be realistically done.
  • Learn to manage the environment – If traffic is a major cause of stress, finding another route can prove helpful. If dreadful TV news generates the anxious feelings, a person could decide to switch channels or just turn the television off. Individuals need to be creative and/or logical to assume practical anti stress activities and get around stress.

2. To modify stressful situations

  • Communicate feelings – Expression of one’s emotions is a very powerful stress relief activity. Bottling all that resentment will simply make a person comparable to a time bomb just waiting to explode anytime.
  • Compromise – For example, individuals in a romantic relationship must somehow find ways to meet halfway with regards to relationship issues. People should not expect their partners to change if they cannot ‘bend’ themselves even for a bit.
  • Learn to be assertive – This is something similar to learning how to say no. Folks must understand the importance of putting across their thoughts on things.

3. To adjust to stressors

  • ‘Rework’ problems – Some stress-related issues like traffic cannot be altered. Nevertheless, individuals could perform anti stress activities such as adapting and appreciating the downtime as an opportunity to spend the moment alone.
  • Set reasonable standards – People must realize that they are living in an imperfect world. Folks need to try and eliminate absolute terms in life such as should, always and must.
  • Be more optimistic – As the saying goes: “Mind over matter.” Psychological thinking can do wonders if individuals could simply focus on the positives of life.

4. To accept matters that cannot be changed

  • Do not try and manipulate the uncontrollable – Things like the behaviors of other people are beyond one’s control. Acceptance is vital in avoiding stress and in focusing on the events that can be controlled.
  • Look for the positive aspects – As already mentioned, one of the most helpful stress relief activities is being optimistic. Folks could see hassles in life as avenues for personal growth.
  • Let somebody in on feelings – Articulating problems and emotions are truly beneficial to a person suffering from stress activities. Suppression of feelings is very taxing to an individual and need to be expressed.

The imperative point in all the cited anti stress activities is for a person to take charge of his life. He has to identify what causes his anxieties and recognize the appropriate actions he should do to reduce or prevent them.

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3 Responses to “The Secret of Anti Stress Activities: 4 Strategies To Follow”

  1. Yorinda says:

    Hi Edyta,

    awesome article with lots of useful suggestions!

    Learning to manage the environment for me has been important over the last 30 years especially in regards to chemicals.
    I have switched to using baking soda for a lot of cleaning purposes even for washing clothes. The other day I was in the laundry at a friends place and the washing powder on the window sill was so overpowering in odor.
    Being in the now and observing the senses is very important to me when it comes to managing my equilibrium.

    Thank you for sharing this.
    Yorinda recently posted..Forgiveness and FeelingsMy Profile

    • Edyta says:

      Hi Yorinda,

      Thanks. I am glad that you like my article.
      The environment issue you mentioned is very interesting. Usually we don’t realise how many chemicals we use every day.

  2. It is really an excellent idea if you will keep away from those individuals that can cause you to be stressed. There’s nothing good if you will stick to them since you’re only increasing your risk to be stressed right.
    Candice Michelle recently posted..קבלהMy Profile

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