7 Stress Relief Herbs That Work

Nov 7th, 2011

A stress relief herb can actually give stress relief. These are better than the usual chemical compounds made as these herbs have existed for centuries. They can effectively reduce the stress on the body and take away toxins that will calm the mind, slow down an adrenaline rush, normalize breathing and strengthen the heart. In this article are the different herbs for stress relief.


Stress Relief Herb that keeps the Doctor AwayStress Relief Herb

1. Red clover

This is a stress relief herb that has a powerful natural estrogen called phytoestrogens. It is a hormone that lowers symptoms of schizophrenia which are the same as the symptoms of stress. It decreases cholesterol, removes clots on the arteries, makes the blood flow smoothly and helps prevent heart attacks.

 2.  Chamomile 

Chamomile is a stress relief herb which has been known to cure fever, aging and addiction to alcohol, drugs and rich foods. It was used during the middle ages to cure nightmares of children and avoid delirium. It relaxes the body and removes stress.

 3. Tarragon

Tarragon fights stress effectively. It also provides pain relief and relaxes a person. It also makes one feel peaceful within as if he were tranquilized. It also controls appetite thus making it a good addition to a diet.

 4. Dill

When one feels stressed, his adrenaline rush is fast this making his digestive system close and work irregularly. The result of this is stomach ulcers. Dill is a stress relief herb that cures stomach upsets and digestive cramps. It relaxes the stomach thus relieving one of stress.

 5. Rosemary

Rosemary is another herb that is known to have good effects on both body and mind. It relaxes the muscles to fight off stress and tension. Once the muscles calm, blood flows properly to the brain and eyes therefore attaining mental clearness. It also contains vitamins and minerals that will ward off stress.

 6. Sage

This is a stress relief herb that clears the mind and develops memory. It is an antioxidant that gets rid of body toxins. It helps bring back spiritual emotional and physical balance therefore restoring mental clarity.

 7. St John’s Wort

Of all the stress relief herbs, this is the most effective. It assists the pituitary glands to break down norepinephrine, a stress hormone. This hormone stops the creation of human growth hormones that keep people active, healthy and youthful.


 How to Take Stress Relief Herbs

You can take a stress relief herb by eating and mixing it with your food. You can also drink it as tea. There are also food supplements in pill form that contain these herbs. Try planting these herbs in your garden so that you can have them anytime you feel depressed and anxious.

Herbal stress remedies are more effective as they come in its natural form. They do not contain any chemical that may harm the body organs. It is but natural to feel stressed everyday therefore it is also necessary to ward it off. The best way to do that is through a stress relief herb.

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9 Responses to “7 Stress Relief Herbs That Work”

  1. This is such an interesting article. I admit the only herb here I’m really familiar with (in terms of stress relief) is chamomile – and I do love the tea. Thanks!
    marquita herald recently posted..How to Use Mistakes to Help You SucceedMy Profile

  2. Thanks for the list of herbs. Pressure is a part of life, but unless we convert stress into energy and enthusiasm, and become resilient to whatever life throws at us, stress will continue to drain our work performance, health, relationships (both professional and personal) and our ability to accomplish what we want in work and life.
    Rachel Lavern recently posted..How Are You Spending Time and Money?My Profile

    • Edyta says:

      Hi Rachel,

      Thanks Rachel. I agree that stress can ruin our life, stress can even kill. At the same time not all stress is bad stress. Sometimes we need a little bit of stress.

  3. Theuns says:

    Hi Edyta

    Thanks for this good info.

    well the word Stress do not exist in my mind LOL :-)

    Yes we all need good herbs that can help us through the day mak us calm to think clear, I love to drinks good nutrition it help as live longer and better.

    Theuns recently posted..How to create your world from withinMy Profile

  4. With those herbs, you’ve given me a good idea on how to eliminate stress in a safe and healthy way. Thanks to you for that. If it will not take much of your time, I would like to how to use St. John’s Wort as a herbal aid for stress.
    Candice Michelle recently posted..smsMy Profile

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