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Controlling Anxiety is Easy… if You Know How!

Jul 17th, 2012


Controlling Anxiety

The key to controlling anxiety, as it’s also known, is actually controlling the feelings as they occur, which means of course that you have to identify the feelings first. Generally speaking, what happens in that an anxiety attack happens so suddenly that a person doesn’t have time to identify what’s happening before they are overwhelmed ...

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If You Need Self Help for Anxiety, Here Are Your Answers

Jun 26th, 2012


Self Help for Anxiety

Self help for anxiety is possible. If you’re having problems with anxiety, it’s not necessarily true that you need professional help. It is also possible to treat anxiety and panic attacks on your own. Anxiety attacks are more common than you might think: as a matter of fact, a great majority of people living in ...

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Natural Remedies for Stress and How to Use Them

Jun 11th, 2012


Natural Remedies for Stress

Natural remedies for stress work best. Well there are all sorts of over the counter as well as natural remedies for stress and anxiety. Not all of them are safe - generally speaking, I don’t like allopathic drugs for stress and anxiety because they can so easily lead to addiction. Now, usually a person who ...

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The Panic Away Book – How Can It Help You Deal With Panic Attacks And Anxiety?

May 30th, 2012


Panic Away Ebook

I think that when a person buys the Panic Away book, they’re really getting their money worth.  This is because Joe Barry’s Panic Away ebook is just about the most comprehensive collection of information about anxiety and panic attacks, and about how to deal with them. The best part is that you can learn how ...


Prayer For Anxiety and How To Make it Work

May 21st, 2012

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Prayer For Anxiety

Is there a prayer for anxiety? Can prayer help with an anxiety attack? Well, generally speaking, a prayer can only help with an anxiety attack if the person making the prayer really believes that the prayer will be answered. The human mind is a strange and wonderful thing, and its power is not to be ...


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